the mindy project s2. (1/1) favorite episode → bro club for dudes.

"I got you a friendship cake."

the mindy project s2: (1/2 relationships): mindy & peter

have you learned nothing from wolf of wall street?!

I tried it with a rotisserie chicken, ate the whole thing immediately.

You’re being emotionally unfaithful.
Peter Prentice, former lover of xmas trees (via amindyproject)


Peter gives Mindy advice re:Danny (2x22)

fave Peter Prentice moments (1/?): playing Scrabble in You’ve Got Sext

imo it just seems that way because of timing. 
In terms of comedic roles, Peter has more overlap with Morgan (comedic catalyst) and Jeremy with Danny (straight man role).

I mostly blame Jeremy’s decreased screentime on the fact that they never properly developed his friendship with Mindy…or at least not enough since S1 to keep par with Mindy’s friendships with Danny, Morgan and Peter. 
I mean, when was the last time Jeremy actually had a one-on-one scene with Mindy instead of being shunted to the B/C-plot storyline? I feel that the writers have really done Ed Weeks a disservice.

I’ll be home in a couple of hours.

What a great ep! I quite enjoyed it, esp the following:

  • Peter & Mindy’s talk about her living situation (I LOVE it when Peter channels his inner relationship guru to dispense love-life advice to Mindy— even though, you know, he’s not very qualified to do so. It’s super entertaining.)
  • Mindy & Charlie (Tim Daly is so, so sexy. I wonder how long his guest arc is?)
  • Peter & Lauren (It’s about damn time Peter went on a proper adult date! I hope this development doesn’t get ignored and forgotten like the one with Peter & Lisa?/Lindsay?/ETPC a couple of eps ago.)
  • Richie and Ramon appearance (yay!)