Stripper!Danny was the hottest fucking thing. Damn, Chris Messina has moves.

I know it’s only just begun but I’m already so sick of the Peter/Lauren/Jeremy triangle. Please make it stop. (Fwiw, my prediction is that Mindy will probably “side” with Peter but everyone else at the practice is split/neutral)

Sometimes you just get the overwhelming inspiration to paint two Mindy Kaling’s swinging a child-sized version of yourself. 
Excited for the new season! (by stanleyipkiss)

the wait will finally be over!

It is what it is.

the mindy project s2. (1/1) favorite episode → bro club for dudes.

"I got you a friendship cake."

the mindy project s2: (1/2 relationships): mindy & peter

have you learned nothing from wolf of wall street?!

I tried it with a rotisserie chicken, ate the whole thing immediately.

You’re being emotionally unfaithful.
Peter Prentice, former lover of xmas trees (via amindyproject)


Peter gives Mindy advice re:Danny (2x22)

fave Peter Prentice moments (1/?): playing Scrabble in You’ve Got Sext